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Validated Products
  • Listee
    • Owens Corning
  • Manufacturer Location
    • Orrick, MO
    • Niles, OH
  • Category
    • Roofing Material
  • SubCategory
    • Ventilation
  • Certification(s)
    • ASTM E108 Class C
    • ICC-ES AC132

VentSure 4-Foot Strip Heat and Moisture Ridge Vent

VentSure 4-Foot Strip Heat and Moisture Ridge Vent is an attic ridge vent for use with asphalt shingle roof cover. Vents are injection molded polypropylene and are available with or without Weather PROtector filter. Vents have approximate length dimension of 4ft and are available in one of three (3) width dimensions to accommodate either 12in, 10in, or 8in wide asphalt shingle-over widths.


ASTM E108 (Fire)
Product has met Class C requirements of ASTM E108 (as evaluated in general accordance with UL 2582) when installed with fire classified asphalt shingles over minimum 3/8in thick APA-rated plywood decks with minimum single-layer of ASTM D226 Type I, ASTM D4869 Type I, or ASTM D6757 underlayment or other underlayment that is listed for use with fire classified asphalt shingles. Slope is unlimited.

Product has met Test and Performance Requirements of ICC-ES AC132.