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Validation / Certification Program

Rights and Duties of Applicants and Suppliers of Certified Products

Application for Certification

The Applicant agrees to the following:

  1. Applicant acknowledges reviewing applicable this document, and that the applicant shall be responsible for ensuring that products covered by this application conform to PRI Validation Program (the VP) certification requirements. The applicant agrees that the VP may, as necessary, subcontract for work related to the product certification process; although the applicant retains the right to reject the VP’s use of any particular subcontractor. The applicant also agrees that, as may be required for the product evaluation and any follow-up surveillance activities, the applicant will make all necessary arrangements for examination of the applicant’s documentation and records, and/or for access to the applicant’s relevant locations, areas, equipment, personnel, and subcontractors. If requested by the VP the applicant will plan for third-party observers, representing certification bodies, to be present during any given inspection of the manufacturing facilities producing products covered by this application.
  2. In consideration of the processing of this application, the applicant agrees to abide by any conditions attached to the approval of this application, the requirements of the applicable standards and codes, and the VP certification requirements, as they now exist and as they may be reasonably modified in the future.
  3. The applicant agrees to make all necessary arrangements for the VP to investigate complaints related to any product(s) certified resulting from this application. The applicant also agrees to keep a record of all significant complaints made known to the applicant about the certified product(s), and to make these records available to the VP upon request. The applicant will take appropriate action with respect to such complaints, and document the actions taken.
  4. The client shall comply with the requirements of the VP as defined within the scope of work.
  5. The client will continue to meet the requirements as long as the certification remains in effect.
  6. The normal production of the product complies with the VP’s requirements.
  7. Appropriate changes will be made, should the VP find it necessary to revise the certification scheme. Fulfillment of the revised requirements shall be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the VP.
  8. Client makes all necessary arrangements for:
    1. the conduct of the evaluation and surveillance, including provision for examining documentation and records and access to the relevant equipment, location(s), area(s), personnel, and client's subcontractors.
    2. Investigation of complaints.
    3. The participation of observers, where applicable.
  9. Makes claims regarding Validation only in respect of the scope for which Validation has been granted.
  10. Does not use its product Validation in such a manner as to bring PRI Construction Materials Technologies, LLC into disrepute and does not make any statement regarding its product Validation which The VP may consider misleading or unauthorized.
  11. Upon suspension, withdrawal or termination of certification, the client discontinues its use of all advertising matter that contains any reference thereto and acts as required by the VP (e.g. the return of certification documents) and takes any other required measure.
  12. If the client provides copies of the certification documents to others, the documents shall be reproduced in their entirety or as specified in the certification scheme.
  13. In referring to its product certification in communication media such as documents, brochures or advertising, the client complies with the requirements of the VP or as specified by the certification scheme.
  14. The client complies with any requirements that may be prescribed in the VP relating to the use of The Seal, and on information related to the product.
  15. Prior to making any change that may affect its ability to conform to the certification requirements, the client shall notify the VP of its intent such that the VP can assess the effect of the change on its certification. These changes may include, but are not limited to, the legal, commercial, organizational status or ownership, organization and management, modifications to the product or the production method, contact address and production sites, and changes to the quality management system affecting certification.
  16. The VP maintains control over ownership, use and display of licenses, certificates, marks of conformity, and any other mechanisms for indicating a product is Validated.
  17. Incorrect references to the VP, or misleading use of licenses, certificates, marks, or any other mechanism for indicating a product is certified, found in documentation or other publicity, shall be dealt with by suitable action.
  18. A VP listing does not imply any guarantee or warranty (expressed or implied, and including but not limited to, merchantability) by the VP against defects or failures in service nor any responsibility in regard to patent or trademark infringement, misuse of trade name or trade secrets, or any other aspect of unfair competition. Affirmative actions of the VP are based primarily on the data submitted by the applicant and/or listee and the validity and integrity thereof as implicitly represented by the applicant and/or listee in submitting the same. Applicant agrees that it shall have no cause of action or claim against the VP or the officers, directors, members and employees from time to time arising out of any listing issued pursuant to this application, whether or not such listing is subject to conditions, or out of any denial of this application. Applicant agrees to hold the VP or any of their affiliates, parent, brother or sister corporations or their successor-in-interest or assigns, and the officers, directors, members, and employees of such harmless, and to defend and indemnify them, with respect to any claim, liability, action or judgment arising from the use or operation by any person of the product or service to which the application relates, actual or asserted, whether related to the matters set forth in the first sentence of this paragraph or otherwise, whether for personal injury, wrongful death, property damage, or any type of injury or damage whatsoever, whether or not of the same kind or nature as any of the foregoing.
  19. The VP’s rights pursuant to the foregoing sentence, and applicant’s obligations thereunder, shall apply whether or not it is claimed that the VP was concurrently negligent with others, solely negligent, actively or passively negligent, and whether or not the legal theory of the claimant(s) is on one of the foregoing grounds or some other. Florida law shall apply to the interpretation hereof. If any part or portion of this paragraph, or any application thereof to particular facts, should be determined invalid, the provisions hereof shall be severable so as to achieve for the VP the maximum legal protection. If this application is for a renewal of an existing listing, the provisions of this paragraph shall apply from the date of first granting of that listing, whether upon application or without application by applicant or a predecessor and regardless of: intervening modifications to said listing or modifications pursuant to application for renewal; any prior change in the number assigned to the listing; and any prior change in ownership rights in or rights to said listing, or any additional listing included in the listing, whether one or more, since granting of said first additional listing. The person signing this application form must be a duly authorized officer of the company with full authority to execute an agreement on behalf of the applicant and bind the applicant to these terms, or be a person to whom such authority has been given by the applicant. 
  20. Where evaluation reports from accredited certification bodies are used as the basis for provisions within a Product Validation, the Validation Certificate shall remain valid only while the underlying report is valid, unless additional information is provided to substantiate the development of the provisions. While the VP certifies the on-going validity of the reports at a frequency of not more than on an annual basis, it is ultimately the client's responsibility to inform the VP of any change in the status of such report. The VP shall be notified as soon as practical of a change in the report status but in all cases shall be notified within 30 days of such action.
  21. A Validation Certificate from the VP is a public document. Notice is hereby given that once completed, it will be posted on the PRI website. The content of the Validation Certificate is considered public information and as such is not considered confidential information.


These rules set forth procedures for The PRI-CMT Product Validation Program (The VP) and the issuance, and maintenance of the Seal and Certificate of PRI-CMT Validation Program.

The VP is to assist those enforcing model codes in determining whether a given subject complies with those codes. Both the Seal and the Certificate of the VP are not meant to be construed as representing a judgment of other attributes not specifically addressed in the report, nor as an endorsement or recommendation for use of the subject of the Validation. Approval for use is the prerogative and responsibility of the Authority Having Jurisdiction.


Evaluation of data is based on one or more of the published editions of the model building codes, state building codes, referenced standards or other industry standards as appropriate for the product under consideration. Additionally, evaluation of data will be based on applicable accepted engineering procedures, experience, and good technical judgement.


3.1) Applications for the VP and for revisions to existing Validations shall be communicated via here: All applications and the following review shall communicate the following data:

-Identification of the product(s) to be certified
-What applicable published editions of the model building codes, state building codes, referenced standards or other industry standards as appropriate for the product under consideration for which the product(s) is to be certified?
-The physical location(s) of the plant where the product(s) are manufactured
-Any other information relevant to the scope of certification which is necessary for initial evaluation and surveillance.
This information may be collected in various forms and assembled by the Project Administrator into a single file for review.

An application may be filed only by the entity having rights to the materials, products, or methods of construction on which the Validation is sought. The applicant must have legal rights to all evidence and data.

A Validation may be revised when requested by the Certificate holder, when revision is required by the applicable code or standard or upon prior notice by PRI. When revision is required, PRI will provide prior notice and will include the date by which the Validation must be reissued.

The Validation holder may approve the issuing of a separate Validation under the name of a distributor (also known as a private label applicant). A Validation application prepared by the private label applicant shall be submitted. The private label Validation shall be inseparably linked to the original Validation. Any pertinent information in the original Validation shall be included in the private label Validation. The private label Validation shall have the same renewal date as the original Validation. 

Applications for new Validations that are held for more than 30 days without receipt of supporting documentation may be closed out, unless extended by the Project Administrator.


The evaluation of the product will be clearly defined by the mutually agreed upon Services section on the fully executed Certification Agreement (CFCA2) between the VP and the Client.

5.0 FEES

All fees for the VP will be clearly defined mutually agreed upon Services section on the fully executed Certification Agreement (CFCA2) between the VP and the Client.


The VP will review the evaluation and all information and data collected for product(s) and grant an approval decision if it is determined the product(s) is found eligible for Validation. 


Validation for product(s) within the scope of the Certification Agreement shall remain in effect for the duration of the Agreement, so long as the manufacturing audits and/or validation testing demonstrate continued compliance with the Validation Program requirements. Upon expiration of the Agreement, product(s) may require full evaluation to renew and/or continue participation in the Validation Program.


8.1) The requirements for Validation are established through the evaluation of data is based on one or more of the published editions of the model building codes, state building codes, referenced standards or other industry standards as appropriate for the product under consideration. Additionally, evaluation of data based on applicable accepted engineering procedures, experience, and good technical judgement. When the any of the requirements above change, the VP shall be addressed and evaluated to ensure continued compliance with the certification scheme. Types of changes include:

-Revision to the one or more of the published editions of the model building codes, state building codes, referenced standards or other industry standards as appropriate for the certified product within the scheme. The Project Administrator will evaluate the changes to determine the time period for the manufacturer to meet the additional requirements if applicable.
-Requests for approval of changes to certified products. The manufacturer shall make a written request and provide documentation and/or proposed drawings showing these changes.
-Requests for approval of scale-up systems within the approved series. The manufacturer shall provide documentation and scale-up drawings which prove that the proposed product is directly proportional for the intended use.
-Unapproved changes to certified products. Unapproved changes discovered during surveillance are treated as non-conformances and shall follow the procedures outlined in Section 5.3.2.  of Validation Program Manual
-Scope extensions. Requests for a scope extension under additional certification schemes shall follow the procedures for initial application for product certification Section 5.0 of Validation Program Manual. 


9.1) If the Validation Program discovers a non-conformance of a product or non-compliance by the client with the certification requirements, the VP shall determine, based on the severity of the non-compliance, the appropriate actions to be taken by the VP. Actions may include:

- Require the client to provide a reason for the non-conformance and a plan for corrective action taken within 30 days.
- Require the client to immediately ensure that any continuing production and finished inventory is complying.
- Increased surveillance intervals.
- Issue a recall or public notice regarding the affected products.
- Reduce the scope of certification.
- Suspend certification.
- As a last resort, withdrawal of certification.

If the action includes reduction in the scope, suspension, or withdrawal of certification, the Review & Decision Committee shall provide their approval before the action is carried out.

9.2) If the non-conformance is a change in which the client would like to be approved in the certification, The Validation Program shall follow the procedure for change requests outlined in Section 5.7.

9.3) Upon suspension, withdrawal, or a termination in the scope of a certification the VP immediately notifies the client of the decision in writing and modifies all formal certification documents to indicate as such. See Section 5.4.  Any revised certification documents are provided to the client. The client shall be required to make the necessary changes to their production process regarding marked product as stipulated in the Agreement

9.4) It is the responsibility of the Project Administrator to assemble a plan for actions needed to end the suspension and restore certification in accordance with the certification scheme or any other required actions.

9.5) If the plan for reinstatement involves complete re-testing of the product, all applicable processes in Section 5.0 of the Validation Manual for product certification shall be followed.

Upon reinstatement of the certification status or a change in the scope of certification, the procedure for notifications and document modification and reissue in Section 5.8.3 of the Validation Manual shall be followed. The client shall be allowed to resume use of the Seal on the certified products.

Procedures for handling complaints, appeals and disputes

Any interested party may submit a complaint, appeal or dispute to PRI-CMT. Complaints, appeals and disputes shall be submitted to the Quality Manager by U.S. mail or via email (preferred method). Submissions should provide as much information and background data as possible in order to help CMT address and evaluate the issue. Contact PRI for a complaint form.

Upon receiving a submission, the Quality Manger investigates the issue and makes a decision on the complaint, appeal or dispute. The person making the final decision for the appeal or complaint shall not be a person involved in the initial certification of the product. Additionally, the person making the decision shall not have provided consultancy for or been employed by the client for which the complaint or appeal is subject for a period of at least two years.