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Weathering Services

Weathering Services

Accelerated Weathering

Accelerated Weathering

PRI has invested in a state-of-the-art accelerated weathering laboratory to provide critical product performance data suitable for the wide market range of our clients. Some of our accelerated weathering capabilities include:

  • Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
  • Xenon-Arc Exposure
  • Water Spray / Condensation
  • Oxidation / Corrosion Resistance
Outdoor Weathering

Outdoor Weathering

Our Outdoor Weathering Farm provides for a wide variety of testing conditions and parameters: 

  • Located in Florida, PRI offers a secure and monitored outdoor weathering farm to naturally age products with the help of Florida’s harsh sunshine, heat and humidity.
  • A flexible range of sample decking—steep slope, low slope & flat—allow for the evaluation of products from the roofing, paving and construction material markets.  
  • Advanced instrumentation assures that the temperatures, weather conditions, solar reflectance of samples and other critical parameters are monitored and recorded.


Our Asphalt Pavement Weathering System (APWS) provides accelerated weathering of full-depth pavements and pavement systems. The APWS offers:
  • Controllable cycles (rain, sunlight (UV exposure) and temperature) complete with data recording and collection continuously through testing
  • Designed to accommodate a wide range of specimen types, shapes, and sizes.

At PRI we offer a wide range of weathering options for your products. 

  • Short and Long-Term Plans
  • Customized plans for your specific product needs

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