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Validated Products
  • Listee
    • Atlas Roofing Corporation
  • Manufacturer Location
    • Meridian, MS
  • Category
    • Roofing Material
  • SubCategory
    • Asphalt Shingle
  • Certification(s)
    • ASTM D3462
    • ASTM D3161 Class F
    • ASTM D7158 Class H
    • ASTM E108 Class A
    • ASTM E1980
    • UL 2218 Class 3

Pinnacle Sun

Pinnacle Sun is a self-sealing laminated asphalt shingle. Shingles are manufactured with 2 layers of fiberglass mat coated with asphalt on both sides, and surfaced on the weather-exposed side with mineral granules. Shingles have approximate dimensions of 42in x 14in.


ASTM D3462
Product has met specification requirements of ASTM D3462.

ASTM D3161 (Wind)
Product has met Class F - 110mph (177km/h) requirements of ASTM D3161.

ASTM D7158 (Wind)
Product has met Class H – 190mph (306km/h) requirements of ASTM D7158.

ASTM E108 (Fire)
Product has met Class A requirements of ASTM E108 when installed over minimum 3/8in thick APA-rated plywood decks with minimum single-layer of ASTM D226 Type I, ASTM D4869 Type I, or ASTM D6757 underlayment or other underlayment that is listed for use with Class A asphalt shingle. Slope is unlimited.

ASTM E1980 (SRI)
Product has been evaluated for Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) in accordance with ASTM E1980. Calculated SRI are as follows (using Approach II and medium-wind condition):

  • SRI: 17 - Cool Coastal Cliffs
  • SRI: 17 - Cool Coral Canyon
  • SRI: 18 - Cool Driftwood
  • SRI: 18 - Cool Moonlight Beach
  • SRI: 20 - Cool Sand
  • SRI: 17 - Cool Surf

UL 2218 (Impact)
Product has met Class 3 requirements of UL 2218 when installed over minimum 15/32in thick APA-rated plywood decks.