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  • Listee
    • Siplast
  • Manufacturer Location
    • Arkadelphia, AR
  • Category
    • Roofing Material
  • SubCategory
    • Modified Bituminous Sheet
  • Certification(s)
    • ASTM D6163
    • CSA A123.23

Paradiene 30 HT FR

Paradiene 30 HT FR is a modified bitumen cap ply designed for use in multi-layer modified bitumen roofing. Paradiene 30 HT FR consists of glass fiber reinforcement impregnated and coated with styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) modified bitumen. Top surfacing is ceramic granules. Back surfacing is silica parting agent. Paradiene 30 HT FR can be applied in approved ASTM D312 Type IV hot-applied mopping asphalt or approved cold process adhesives; refer to manufacturer for product uses and application details. 


ASTM D6163
Product has met specification requirements of ASTM D6163 Type II Grade G. 

CSA A123.23
Product has met specification requirements of CSA A123.23 Type A Grade 1.