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Validated Products
  • Listee
    • OnDek Vinyl Worx
  • Manufacturer Location
    • Winchester, VA
  • Category
    • Roofing Material
  • SubCategory
    • Polyvinyl Chloride Membrane
  • Certification(s)
    • CAN-CGSB 37.54
    • ASTM E108 Class A

OnDek Ultra Series

OnDek Ultra Series is a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) membrane designed for use in roofing and waterproofing. OnDek Ultra Series is a unreinforced PVC sheet with a non-woven fleece backing. OnDek Ultra Series can be applied in approved contact adhesive; seams are heat-welded; refer to manufacturer for product uses and application details. Membrane rolls have approximate dimensions of 200ft x 6ft.


CAN/CGSB 37.54
Product has met specification requirements of CAN/CGSB 37.54 Type 3 Class B.

ASTM E108 (Fire)
Product has met Class A requirements of ASTM E108 Spread of Flame Test when loose laid over noncombustible roof decks. Maximum allowable slope is 0.25in:12in.