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  • Listee
    • Coastal Metal Roofing Sales
  • Manufacturer Location
    • Doral, FL
  • Category
    • Roofing Material
  • SubCategory
    • Metal Roof Panel
  • Certification(s)
    • ASTM E108 Class A

Coastal SL150 24ga (min) Steel

Coastal SL150 24ga (min) Steel is a non-structural metal roof panel. Product is galvanized steel or galvalume composition. Product is a snap-lock standing seam profile. Product uses Fixed Clip for attachment to structural deck.


ASTM E108 (Fire)
Product has met Class A requirements of ASTM E108 when installed over minimum 19/32in thick APA-rated plywood decks with minimum single-layer of Atlas Roofing FR-10 Fire Retardant Slipsheet and minimum single-layer ASTM D226 Type II, ASTM D4869 Type IV, or other underlayment that is listed for use with Class A. Slope is unlimited.