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Our History

PRI was established in 1990 from the need to provide testing and consulting services to address the new liquid asphalt, also known as binder and asphalt pavement specifications, resulting from the FHWA’s SHRP (Strategic Highway Research Program). The company initially focused on its core competencies with Paving, Roofing and Industrial asphalt / bitumen products – as indicated by the company’s initials “PRI.”

PRI grew by supporting materials used in asphalt pavement (soil, aggregates, striping paints, crack sealants, truck release agents, additives, and modifiers) and the petroleum industry from which asphalt is derived. In the mid-2000s PRI brought a new face to the company with PRI CMT (Construction Materials Technologies) to focus on the building code portion of the business.

PRI manages a global business reach, with demand following the trends of expansion through developing countries, as well as in the improvement of current infrastructure and products. All of our work is handled in a timely and personal manner across two locations, with the main location hosting a state-of-the-art laboratory in Tampa, Florida, and a second location in Munster, Indiana.