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Asphalt - Bitumen
PRI is the industry leader in asphalt/bitumen Testing and Evaluation.
Building Materials
Full range of testing, inspection, and litigation support services.
Construction / Infrastructure
PRI has an extensive list of service offerings supporting Infrastructure.
Serving the Chemical sector in the areas of product development, testing & evaluation, assisting with market opportunities and much more....
Technical Litigation Support
Providing expertise and technical support through technical knowledge, data interpretation, and consultation. 
Extensive experience in the testing and evaluation of physical and compositional properties of Energy products. 
PRI provides compliance testing to meet government requirements as well as providing consulting with regard to government programs, initiatives, and compliance issues. 
Asphalt / Bitumen
Paving, Roofing, Industrial
Building Materials
Roof Coverings, Fenestrations Sidings & Claddings, Tile & Stone Installations, Adhesives & Sealants, Paints & Coatings, Thermal Insulation & Ventilation
Construction / Infrastructure
Concrete, Repair Mortars & Construction Grouts, Waterproofing, Industrial & Pipeline Coatings, Geosynthetics & Geotextiles
Polymer & Plastics, Emulsifiers, Functional Fillers, Solvents & Extenders, Reactants, Adhesives
Technical Litigation Support
Paving, Building, Intellectual Property
Crude Oil, Fuels, Sustainable, Coal Tar, Pet Coke
Local, State, Federal, International

About PRI

Testing. Knowledge. Solutions.

PRI is a national and global leader in materials testing and performance. PRI provides accredited, independent, third-party testing, evaluation, and technical services to the Asphalt/Bitumen, Building Materials, Chemical, Construction/Infrastructure, and Energy Markets.


We appreciate your commitment to the asphalt business and it shows in your staff and their work. We put a great value on our relationship and appreciate what you have done for us especially when we are under time constraints...the extra effort by PRI staff does not go unnoticed.

Confidential Client | United States of America

For over 4 years we have been working with PRI ,  They have an amazing and very reliable team . Their Engineers are very helpful and can guide you in what is best test for your product need . Highly recommended .

Confidential Client | Honduras

“Excellent customer service allied to comprehensive and professional test reports, all conducted with the speed and efficiency required to meet often tight deadlines and tight budgets: we greatly appreciate and enjoy working with PRI and look forward to doing so for many years to come. Keep up the good work, and thank you!” 

Company Withheld | United Kingdom

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